Pro Tools features


Sorry if this is a repeat request...


I think it would be great if there was a MIDI GUI where you can visually drag and connect certain functions on a MIDI controller straight to the Plug-In or other part of Pro Tools for control.


For more clarification, if a company like Akai or M-Audio or Novation took a picture of their MIDI Controller, had little blue boxes around each knob/fader/slider/etc. that can be mapped, and then in Pro Tools, there were boxes around everything that can be controlled (as there is now), but, like a flow chart, you can drag the MIDI Controller box to the Pro Tools box, and can maybe toggle between seeing the actual lines (like you would in Reason if you were to "flip" the rack around), or just numbers appearing in the corners or something.


The story behind it is that I'm trying to get my MIDI keyboard controller connected to Xpand2, and for completely unknown reasons, I'm unable to use certain faders and Knob C16 acts like it doesn't even exist.... so I'd love to have a visual of where all the MIDI numbers are connected in a simple way.


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