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MIDI Thru issues w/EZplayer Pro & Kontakt (12.3 & 12.4)

Experiencing MIDI Thru delay when using EZplayer Pro to audition MIDI drum files thru an instrument track with Kontakt & Steven Slate Drums 3.5.

Configured correctly, the MIDI drum patterns lag audibly while auditioning the EZplayer libary thru Kontakt.

Once I drag the pattern to the Kontakt instrument track, the patterns play fine.


When playing back MIDI drum patterns on an instrument track along w/audio, the instrument track sometimes loses sync after a few measures. The delay seems to be related to MIDI THRU pattern data rather than ADC (all indicators are green).


Workaround: Go to Preferences>MIDI>Default MIDI Thru Instrument* and select EZplayer. The patterns in EZplayer now audition smoothly.


This workaround also works to get the instrument track/MIDI drum patterns back in sync with the audio tracks by choosing Kontakt as the default thru instrument.

*I realize that this setting is meant for auditioning files in the clip bin.


Have also temporarily fixed the problem by changing the instrument output drop down selector to "none" and back on either the EZ instrument track or Kontakt track (can't recall which one). This seems to be more random.


Lastly, I can freeze, commit and stack multiple midi>audio without any problems.

But when I use Kontakt to play back midi patterns to audio, things sometimes lose sync.

I then select Kontakt as the default thru instrument.




General System specs: (full list @my profile)

PT 12.4, W7x64, Intel i5 processor (1st gen), 4GB DD3 RAM, M-Audio USB 2.0 Jamlab Interface, ASIO4ALL (current) w/stock soundcard.

All VI's current.


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