Artist Series bugs

MackieControl Emulation it says, "Supports EUCON, HUI and Mackie Control protocols"


While the faders/mutes all work with recording and motorized playback,


- 0 dB in the DAW places the fader between the 0 and 6 positions, not at 0.


- It's not possible to navigate the faders to control return channels or the Master channel.


- Only Channel 1 shows any VU-Meter. I believe the level shown reflects the Master meter: If I have audio on channel 2,3,4, etc, only, the Channel 1 vu-meter displays level, but no others.


- There doesn't appear to be any MIDI Learn mode


- Browsing configured plugins, using the knobs to control plugins, and controlling channel sends from Chan and Insert modes are not implemented.


- There is no way to Solo multiple channels at once, even using the computer keyboard. If I hit shift and use the mouse to set up Solo in my sequencer, I can solo more than one channel at once.


The correct MIDI mappings for MackieControl protocol are here:


Avid's position is, "Our position is that we do support basic Mackie Control but advocate for applications to adopt EUCON, and we have a free SDK and support channel in place to assist with implementation."


Until I made the posts on the forum about the limitations of Avid's MackieControl implementation, there was no documentation describing what is and isn't supported.


Until Avid supports the industry standard MackieControl protocol, a simple MIDI-based standard, popular software like Ableton Live will be crippled when used with the Artist Mix controller.


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