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Make track numbers part of the track name for consolidation

It would be great if the "Track Number" option in the "View" menu could become part of the actual track name. Here's why:

Many of my projects change hands and DAWs during the various stages of production. Sometimes I record basic tracks in Pro Tools, the producer does overdubs in Cubase and so on. In these cases, I usually consolidate my Pro Tools tracks to pass the audio files on to the next user. I'm a friendly guy, so ideally I'd like the audio files to open in my client's DAW in the same order I use in Pro Tools (e.g. Kick, Snare, Hat...) rather than alphabetically - I don't want them to have to dig through a stack of unrelated tracks (e.g. Sax, Snare, Synth...) to make sense of my session.

This is easily achieved by adding numbers to the beginning of the files (e.g. 01 Kick, 02 Snare, 03 Hat...), but, unfortunately, I have to either manually add the numbers to the track names before I consolidate or to the file names after they've been consolidated. This is way too much work, especially since the "View-Track Number" already allows me to name the tracks. Please give me the option to make the number part of the track name (and allow me to choose the number of digits while you're at it). Thank you!



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