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Meta tag field when naming tracks

I often do several songs in one session. Especially bands that come in to do 5 or 6 songs in one tracking session. So there's KICK, SNARE, HAT, BASS etc. So I will, at the start of a take of each new song, create a marker with the song title, I.E. JohnnyBGoode. I enter the name in the marker field, select Ctrl A for ALL to highlight all the text, CTRL C to copy the selected text, hit the numeric pad "enter" to create the marker. NEXT is the drudgery. I then must, double click each track name, I.E., SNARE. It's text is highlighted. I hit the down arrow which places the cursor after the last letter, then hit the space bar to create a space after that last letter, then hit CTRL V to paste JohnnyBGoode so that the track name currently is "SNARE JohnnyBGoode". Then I have to repeat that process multiplied by the amount of tracks I am recording on, in order to embed that song title along with the instrument name on the file so that when the recorded file name is created the instrument, along with its title will be created in one go. It is tedium and the band has to wait until I get through all the tracks,sometime 40 of them but file management-wise, a nice payoff. I am pretty fast at it after 15 years of doing it but feel aggravation every time I do it. For those of you that don't do snapshots, you won't understand why it is practical to do multiple songs in a session. I suggested this years ago and I think the idea wasn't completely understood, but following the the suggestion, the next or so Pro Tools version contained the "unique ID" that was created to otherwise identify associated files. Not exactly what I meant, but still a file management fail safe. It would be great the enter a song name I.E., JohnnyBGoode in the marker list and check box "add to each record armed track name".and then, boom, All tracks are suffixed by the song title. BASS JohnnyBGoode, SNARE JohnnyBGoode, TOM JohnnyBGoode, GUITAR JohnnyBGoode. When we get to the next song a new marker and title is created and selected and copied,however this time, when I go into each track name I only have to double click on JohnnyBGoode to highlight it and then paste the new title each time. I advance to the next track with the Track Name Dialog box opened by the key command CTRL-SHIFT-Right Arrow, then CTRL V and repeat on and on. So it's a little faster than the initial start of the session. In this feature when you would go back for overdubs, all you'd need to do is create an overdub track, type the instrument name, click on the marker and there you have that song title that goes with that track.The other nice thing about it is that the scribble strip only would need to contain the name of that instrument and not the required song name that is only there to be written on the recorded file. yay!


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