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Midi Import track names and assignment to general midi patches or like named instruments.

I was the Pro Tools "expert" at a DAW competition at Berklee College of music earlier in January 2018.

Many features had me winning over Logic, Ableton and Garage band. One that made Pro Tools look inept was what happened when importing an elaborate MIDI file. This was one that had a decent mock up 30+ tracks of the score from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

All the other DAW's read the midi track names on import. PT12.8.3 did not. I was still naming tracks by hand when other DAWs were playing solid versions of the theme.

Also, quite impressively, Garage Band assigned all the well named tracks to appropriate instruments so it sounded correct in seconds. The time it took to assign sounds in Native instruments was too long and too tedious. Couldn't you make the midi import window ask for instruments to match and suggest matching sounds and plugins.


While you are there add a proper midi mapping to all plugins. We need a keyboard short cut that both enables the automation of the feature clicked on AND connects what ever slider or button we touch next. Just having this for limited Pro Tools plugins is not good enough. Also I don't need to enable and then subsequently choose the knob. Make it one move!

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