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Mouse Wheel does not move faders Up&Down...

sometimes when is late, and you are tired, you want to move a fader with a finger. LOL.



the scroll wheel moves the complete Mixer, if its too long vertically, all inserts all sends active, or when screen resolution is less than 1080.. for example 720, the Mixer is bigger than the screen Vertically, Mouse Scroll Wheel moves the Mixer that is outside of the screen, inside the window.

today with FullHD & 4K,

Scroll Wheel should be Smarter, when is on top of an empty space in the mixer window, it should move the mixer,

and when the cursor is on top of a Fader, it should move the Fader...


Smarter,.. LOL.

PT HD 12.7

Windows 8.1x64 Pro


Yes, move in +/-0.1 steps.

with Shift it could jump in +/-1dB steps.

with Control could jump in +/-10dB steps,

Relative or Absolute, if selected on the Grid. insync with grid setting.


Relative by Default, and when pressing Control+Alt and moving the mouse scroll wheel could be Absolute jumps, if you are in -7dB, jumps -17dB in Relative, and to -10dB in Absolute.

with Alt only Jump to 0dB. like standard Mouse Click, when wheel goes Up, and to -infiinite when the Mouse Scroll wheel goes Down.


Because we are in the Year 2018, this is a bug. LOL. Jajajajajaja

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