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Multiple MC-Mixes - Define which unit is the "master"

I'll try to explain this the best I can.


Current setup from left to right is: MCMIX, MCMIX,TRANSPORT and MCMIX


Centered on the desk, the 2nd MC-Mix is pretty much to my center position.


Workflow wise, when I want to activate a plugin or config - all the parameters by default spill over to the left-most MC. This is where things get annoying as my eyes are still looking center... now i have to lose my train of thought and re-orientate myself to the left-most console.


Ideally - I'd love to say.. 'nothing left of MCMIX "middle" gets menu select parameters... so when i working, i can have my track in question in front of me, hit plugin, cnf - and the menu items stay in the midde and spill over to the right.


Does this make sense? I might need to make a little video if anyone needs clarification.






Idea No. 1922