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NEW-TRACKS WINDOW: when adding new row -> preselect last used trackpreset-folder/preset. NEXT STEP: Add batch options.

PROBLEM: currently uncomfortable navigation per item is needed in order to add more rows with similar track presets in pt-2018.3-4


Q U I C K S O L U T I O N:


PRESSING "+" on TrackPreset-menu should bring up a new row with the same TrackPreset-type preselected - just as in the row above. In other words: Just copy the great behavior of adding a classic track: Another (same) track type appears below.


COMMAND_[+] on TrackPreset-Line brings up a new line with the next following menu item preselected (count up +1)



A S A. S E C O N D S T E P :

make batch options available:


ALT_CHOOSE TrackPresets-Folder results in all rows in NEW TRACK window showing chosen folder path


Make multiple rows in NEWTRACK window SELECTABLE for batch operations.

SHIFT_ALT_CHOOSE TrackPresets-Folder results in all selected rows showing chosen folder path


ALT_COMMAND_SelectTrackPreset results in rows 1 to N showing Trackpreset 1 to N (counting up +1 per row)


SELECT Line1 to N and

SHIFT_ALT_COMMAND_CHOOSE TrackPreset in row 1 results in row 1 to N showing Trackpreset 1 to N (counting up +1 per row)


[Please note: I referred here to MACOS usage of CMD/ALT, please apply corresponding modifiers for windows users)


PS: This are just basic initial thoughts how batch functions could be empowered. Better solutions - fully compatible with ProTools global Shortcuts-philosophy - would be appreciated. Further suggestions from ideascale-users are very welcome.


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