Pro Tools features

Name Tracks when Created

Hi guys, love the software. Would really help if we could name the tracks when we set them up. I.e. when create a new track, the fields would be 1) # tracks to create, 2 ) Mono or Stereo, 3) Type of track [Aux, Audio, Instrument etc...] 4) Sample or Ticks 5) Track Names. If there are multiple tracks to create, give us the option to name ALL new tracks at the create stage, or bypass the naming at this stage. This way when they are created in either mix or edit window, we simply have to rearrange them so the effects are together, voxs together etc... based on our personal layout preference. Also being able to assign a colour at creations stage would also be good. Obviously have these extra fields as optional so we are not "forced" to have to name and color them at setup. This could allow for some increased time efficiency. PLUS if we are setting up a new session and we want to set up a kick, snare, HH, O/heads, toms, cymbols, gtr1, gtr2, bass, Vox1, vox2,vox3, bass, keys1,keys2,aux1,aux2,aux3,masterfaders etc... we can name them as we set up so we don't have to "re-remember" them once they are created as un-named tracks in the edit/mix windows.






Idea No. 696