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Need chords in charts! Score Editor!

I just spent two very long and tedious hours of my life inserting chords on the chords line of my session in PT 12. How stupid that I could not just copy and paste the repeating chords from one verse to the next, etc. Also, I could not copy and paste a single chord, or write it in manually. I had to click on the chords insert arrow, turn to my second screen because I could not move the dialog box to the screen directly in front of me. Then, since it always opens on a C major chord, I had to click on the menu and scroll down the list of chord names, choose the D, then click on the list of modifier names, click on the 7sus4, then click in the third menu slot, scroll down and choose the G bass. That's six distinct clicks for every single chord in my 5 minute song. How bloody tedious!! Why does PT Score editor not just figure out the chords from the voicings of the notes played and insert them into Score Editor? And if that is asking too much, why can't I just do ONE verse and chorus this tedious way and then tell it to repeat, or copy and paste sections that repeat in the same way with the same chords, instead of having to do the labourious work of choosing each chord from the dialog box, over and over? Maybe the software could recognize the chords I am using and just give me those as an option each time? Or at least the first option? But no, every single time I had to start from a C major chord and scroll and choose each chord as I needed it. What a waste of studio time!


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