Omni Floating Hardware Mixer Window

It would be great to have constant access to the Omni's hardware mixer during tracking and mix sessions, without having to navigate through Setup / Hardware / Mixer. It could be a floating window, or optional micro faders in the menu bar. Or even a keystroke to provide immediate access to the Mixer page.


One example: my Mac's input comes in through the optical input. I use it to audition sound effects, RX, and to play random audio online or from QuickTime Player. When my system is at a fixed mix volume for post, the Mac input can get very loud, and it takes a while to get to the fader to turn it down. And then it needs to be turned up for other things. It would be great if it were just sitting there ready to go all the time.


It would open up many other uses as well, especially for recording.


Idea No. 716