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Option-Click on a Send to change Track View to that Sends level

Changing the track view to a sends level (or mute and pan for that matter) is ridiculously involved considering how often this task is performed, especially when all 10 sends are being used on a track. As far as I can tell, Option-clicking on a send does nothing other than open that sends fader.


So it would be nice to add some functionality to an Option-Click on a send. Option-Click the send and the track view changes that sends to Level. Option-Click the send again and it restores the previous track view.


There could even be a preferences setting, like for Zoom Toggle, that allows you to decide which track view Option-Clicking the send will switch to. Level seems most obvious and most used, but there are times when it would be nice for an Option-Click to bring up the Mute track view for the selected send, or the Pan track view. The preference setting would allow you to change this to what your current work flow required.


In the VERY LEAST, it would be nice to have Level, Mute and Pan added to the drop down menu when you right click on a send. This still wouldn't be nearly as handy as a click modifier, but it would be better than nothing.



Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12

Idea No. 970