Pro Tools bugs

PT 11/12 track meter doesn't display level info when only sends are used as output



1. on PT11 or PT12, create an audio tracks with audio data.

2. in the audio track output, select "no output".

3. in the audio track send, send to any viable working output or bus and make sure the send levels are at unity.

4. play audio track and observe the meter.




audio track meter doesn't display any levels even though the audio signal is playing.


expected results:


the audio track meter should display level info when audio signal passes through and out of sends.


This behavior/bug doesn't occur on PT10, in PT10, as long as there's is anytype of a send, the meter will display level info even if the audio track output is set to "no output", please bring that back!


bug also occurs on aux tracks.


Idea No. 80