Pro Tools bugs

PT Native HD doesn't compensate for plugin delay changes while recording

For example, take two audio tracks (i.e.dialog source tracks) and bus them to the same recording audio track (stem). Insert identical plugins on both source tracks. The plugins should be something, which plugin processing delay DEPENDS ON AUTOMATABLE PLUGIN PARAMETERS. I noticed this phenomena with Fabfilter Pro DS that has three switchable parameters (split band, look ahead, oversampling), which influence the plugin delay. But any Linear Phase enabled EQ like DMG Audio Equality will do. While the stem track is in Input monitor mode, change the plugin parameters on one of the tracks and watch the reported delays in the mix window update accordingly. The sound from source tracks remains in sync. Now start recording. At the moment Pro Tools drops into recording, the delays in the mix window freeze at the values, reported just at the recording start moment. The further changes of delays are not displayed and are not compensated accordingly. The sound from the source tracks gets out of sync. The recording track is set to auto latency off, but this phenomena occurs with the auto latency on as well.


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