Pro Tools features

PT10 + CPTK -> PTHD upgrade Implemented

Having invested in CPTK I or II, we don't agree in paying again just to maintain features.

The so far described new features of PT11 don't justify a higher upgrade price for CPTK users, since there are not more features implemented exclusively for CPTK and HD users.

We suggest a reasonable upgrade price from PT10 + CPTK II to PTHD11 and more competitive upgrade pricing for future upgrades.


Students with the 4 year upgrade deal should get, like promised, 4 years of upgrades with the same or improved features for free. Should Avid cancel the CPTKs, it should result in free upgrades to PTHD11 and the following for students with CPTKs.

Version(s) Addressed In 11

Opertaing System(s) n/a


Idea No. 3311