Pro Tools features

PT12 subscription pro plugin license should activate full version of the same pro plugins.

edited and premixed a show at home on my pt12 hd rig and used the pro limiter and revibe plugins from my pt12 subscription license.


took it to the stage that has a pt10 hd rig with full version of pro limiter and revibe installed and got a "no license found on ilok" error for both plugins, apparently the pro plugins license in the pt12 subscription is different than the full version of the pro plugins and the pt12 license will not activate them. why?!?!!?! they are the same damn plugins!


worst part: if the stage only has PT10 installed, even if you install the pro plugins using the installer from your avid pt12 subscription download, pt10 won't recognize your subscription license and refuses to activate the pro plugin, the only way to ensure compatiblity is to buy the full version of the plugin and install them on the pt10 machine, which completely defeats the purpose of getting free pro plugins with your pt12 subscription.


Idea No. 98