Pace iLOK redesign.

I know this is really for PACE, but I figured since Pro Tools uses this I would still suggest it.


I believe the iLOK needs an updated look. Redesigning the iLok won't prove any performance gain or software features, but making the appearance of the iLOK updated with new gear. This will not be replaced with the original iLOK, but sold alongside with it as an option. Besides the appearance of the unit, a good feature is that the USB plug can be retracted into the unit itself. A feature that the SanDisk users (like myself), rave over. There is also a good amount of manufactures starting to use this concept. The Unit also has a longer LED light that lights up when plugged in, and a sleeker, sexier look for when you have to travel with your iLOK on your neck, and slimmer to plug into nearby USB ports without obstructing other peripherals.


Please give me your feedback. Any feedback is welcomed. Check out the image included in this post.


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