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Playing / Printing Virtual Instrument Performance To An Audio Track In Real-Time Through A Bus

Very often I want to capture a VI performance on an audio track while it is being performed. I would like to do this for a many reasons, the main ones being:


1 - I've run into multiple situations where there are aspects of the performance that aren't captured with MIDI.

2 - It saves CPU by having less VI instances.


I'd like to be able to live-print the VI performance to an audio track by routing the instrument track's output through a bus, setting the audio track's input to that bus, and then recording.


The problem is that unless it's a 100% fresh session with no plugins, the audio gets nudged out of time after the performance. It is placed behind the grid by the maximum amount of plugin delay that can be found anywhere in your session.


You can also witness the opposite phenomena by first recording midi to an instrument track while monitoring out of your main interface output. Then route to a bus, and arm an audio track with that bus as its input. Record the previous midi performance to the track, and while monitoring you will hear the audio be early. After printing however, the audio will nudge itself back in time with the session.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12


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