Please implement Pro Tools Expert's suggestions - starting with ‘Fix all known bugs BEFORE adding any new features’

Please implement Pro Tools Expert's 2015 list (excluding - thank you! - Track Freeze).

I’d be delighted if you started at Number 14:

‘Fix all known bugs BEFORE adding any new features’



How Many Of The Top 25 Pro Tools IdeaScale Ideas Appear In Pro Tools 12?

Pro Tools Expert – Update on 2015-01-26 11:20 by Mike Thornton


The above link includes extra info about each Feature.


1. Freeze tracks feature

2. Folders in the Region List

3. Save/Load Plug-in ‘chains’ (common plug-ins combos)

4. Marker Improvements

5. Phase switch on every track in the mix window

6. Multiple sessions at the same time

7. Undo Deleted Tracks

8. Bus Soloing Feature

9. Keep the waveform visible when sliding the region…

10. Shortcut for making two mono audio tracks into one stereo.

11. Batch Track Naming

12. Region/Clip Based Effects.

13. VST Support!

14. Fix Bugs Before Adding New Features

15. Sum To Mono Option On Master Fader

16. An option to automatically mute a track as soon as it starts recording

17. Trim knob on audio tracks

18. Smart Session Cleanup Function

19. Track Folders

20. Plug-in Manager With Version Indicator

21. Control|24 and ProControl drivers for Pro Tools 11

22. Red book CD authoring

23. Make it possible to enter fader/pan data with double click+number

24. Graphics GPU Accelerated

25. Audio to Midi


Thank you!


Idea No. 498