Pro Tools features

Possibility to rename commited tracks/files as normal audio tracks/files.

I have just tried commit function on my bass aux track and I love it.

But then I went to rename created clip and PROBLEM.

There is no option to

'' name clip and disk file''

So finding a new clip is becoming pain.

I have at least 3 possible candidates (BF 01, BF, BF 01.cm_1) and I don't know which one is right one.


What I used to do before was record aux to the new track with all the changes and all the plugins (or without them) or just simply render region (that's basically offline bounce) and then renaming final track with 0 on the start.

That way I had all my final stems on beginning of my Audio Folder so I could just grab them and archive or send to client.


So without possibility to rename commited track this function is a bit useless to me.


Please add this option. This should be really simple and fast fix with big impact.


Thank you


Idea No. 10