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"Pre-Echo" Phenomena when Offline bouncing


This is a description of the session that I am sending with this post :


2018.3.0 on HDX System on osx Sierra and MacPro 2013 six Core 3,5GHz


I have a session with

3 tracks, all routed to Main Stereo output

1 - Source mono track with one bus send 2

2 - Blank Stereo track with Native RT Flanger with one bus send 2

3 - Aux Track sourced on bus 2 with inserted Native D-verb mono to stereo with solo defeated


Additional stereo Tracks 4 and 5 are just imports of two bounces, one *real-time*, the other *offline*


One can see that offline bounce contains a strong "pre echo" effect, ie, the reverb precedes the source sound. Further experiments show that this "pre-echo" is 100% function of the processing delay generated by plugin(s) on the stereo "dummy" track. Before putting an Avid plugin for demonstration purposes, another brand plugin with high latency (Waves LMB) was there with exactly the same effect. Changing DVerb for other native reverbs produces more or less the same effects


Below a Zip File with the test session and a text description


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