Pro Tools features

"Pre-Tape" Plugin Inserts

A plugin insert section on an audio track that commits any processing while recording.


Currently, the only way to commit processing while tracking in protools in to have the audio come in on an auxiliary track, apply eq, compression, etc, and then bus it to an audio track to be recorded. This takes up space in the box and is a hassle that can sometimes cause confusion in the middle of a hectic recording session.


This would be like having the aux and audio track in the one space, not unlike an in-line recording console where you have both the channel path (pre-tape) and the monitor path (post-tape) in the one channel strip.


It would be at the very beginning of the signal chain, even before HEAT if you're using HD. Any plugins in this insert section would not affect recorded audio. This would make Pro Tools even more ideal for tracking, and experienced tracking engineers who want to commit the processing and forget about it would benefit from this.

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