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Pro Tools 12 HD with Melodyne and VocAlign Full Integration

It would be one of the best features if Pro Tools could integrate with Melodyne and VocAlign in a way that makes them start analyzing whenever we start recording so that as soon as we finish that take it becomes available on the same wave screen but below the audio and in a way that makes pro tools start having Melodyne or VocAlign on the fly, whenever we need to tune or align something during the record process, sometimes I need to go there and tune something or someone in order to be sure if I can go on.

This feature would be like when we use Elastic Audio.

Can you imagine having the opportunity to sync or tune a voice without having to access a plug in, record the audio to it, fix what you need, render and only then going back to work???

Melodyne would be there all the time but invisible, so that as you activate something in the menu or some quick key it becomes available when you hi light that part you wanna work on it becomes available and of course you can open it in a window if necessary, but the tune is there for you to check and adjust very quickly.

I think this implementation would make people jump into the Pro Tools ship. Please vote to make it happen. We all need, and if you think you don't, is because you don't use Melodyne, vocalign, auto-tune and many others that could take advantage of this possibility.

With VocAlign would be almost the same. All you needed to do is select the playlist you want the voice to sync with maybe, than you could adjust whatever needed.

One other thing Pro tools would benefit of is Melodyne's stretch and tempo sync. Could you imagine using Melodyne's Time-Stretch with elastic audio?




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