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Pro Tools Stock Plugin Dynamic 3 Compressor and Gate UI Sluggish

During audio playback and plugin mixing only with no other plugins inserted but just Avid's Dynamic 3 Compessor or Gate and the plugin window is open and on screen and mixing with the plugin the whole UI get really sluggish and lags but the audio is not delayed (similar to the El Capitan GUI lagginess before 12.5) but when I move the plugin window to the side almost out of sight the lag and sluggishness is completely gone. My MacBook Pro with 8GB of ram and Intel i5 is compatible and runs perfectly but I think its the same problem like Pro Tools 12 and El Capitan lag bug I reported a while back just only in Avid's stock Dynamic 3 Compressor or Gate plugin. Please Avid fix this minor bug that is inconvenient when mixing in a patch or the next update for Pro Tools 12.

I attached a video of my problem.


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