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Pro Tools Won't Recognize change in IO if busses are labeled the same but in a different format.

First off, I would really like it if Avid would bring back the checkbox in the IO window to always use the IO saved with the session as I have many different IO setups that I use for each project that I work with.


As for the issue I'm now facing due to the new system of having to "Restore from Session" in the IO window every time I switch between project, I've noticed that Pro Tools 2018.1.0 will not recognize if an IO format has changed if the labels are the same.


I have 2 mix templates that have the same labeled IO outputs, but in one template 3 of these outputs are 5.0 and in the other, they are 5.1. When I go between sessions, Pro Tools does not recognize that these busses have switched from 5.0 to 5.1 or visa versa and does not warn me that the IO changed. Instead it just routes the audio completely wrong and if I accidently close the session and save the new wrong IO setup, it's difficult to restore it back to what it was.


This is a critical error for those of us who actually use different inputs and outputs for different projects but in the end, none of this would be an issue if you would just give us back the option to force every session to restore the IO saved with that session.


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