Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools ignores "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" on Windows 10 and seizes exclusive control

So here's my issue:


I open a browser to search for sound effects (I use soundsnap and audioblocks),

I can play a sound through my main audio interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro 56) just fine.


If I launch ProTools, even through I have "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" UNCHECKED ProTools still stops the computer's ability to play back audio through the browser.


I've isolated the issue and it happens just as ProTools launches.


This is frustrating because it occasionally works randomly. But most of the time protools takes complete control of the audio drivers and devices and won't allow anything else to play along.


I have to exit protools to get the sound playback to return to my browser (Chrome) just so I can search for sound FX, then RELAUNCH PT2.8 and insert my downloaded sound fx.




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