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ProTools12.7 AAX bugs with 3rd party plugins.


some 3rd party plugins have severe incompatibility with AAX,

PSPAudioware PSP42, E27

Waves Keys HD Samples, Codex

softube Modular, etc..


Not load balanced = does Not matter if you have 32-cores

need 1-super fast core & the fastest core today is Not fast enough, 8700K & 7700K.

Some plugins need over >200cb points single core.


some AAX64 plugins work "Flawless."

WaveArts TubeSaturator2.

the VU meter needle does Not go over 0dB in AAX but does in VST.


i like ProTools...Video Editing is Better than MediaComposer & Davinci Resolve, MIDI, everything, except AAX.

developers have been coding VST since last century, AAX is New.

Not easy to support Win Mac VST Au & AAX,


The Answer for me, was to buy: VienaEnsemblePro6 + 1x eLicenser Key, "3x USB if want to use more PC´s as additional CPU´s, like DSP cards, + powered usb hubs.


VEP manual & video tutorials, too much mystery,


Actually is very simple in PT:

the VSL Audio-Input AAX Plugin "works flawless", Generates Silence and all Audio it receives is Sent to VEP outside ProTools. "different virtual channels can be selected." plugin does Not Receive Audio.

the only way to receive audio is:

A) inserting a Master VEP plugin in each track, "it will create New Tab in VEP Server Outside PT", 1x Master is required minimum.

B) creating 32 Protools audio tracks "16-Stereo", activating Monitor Input [I] or [R]ecord, select Vienna Ensemble Audio Instrument Inputs 2+3, 3+4, etc.. for each Audio Track.

1+2 are hardwired to the Master Plugin,

1x Master plugin is required to work.

1x Master Plugin = 1x Tab in VEP Server.


Master Plugin Receives Audio.

if want to Send&Receive in the same Channel, need 2 plugins, Audio-Input and Master Plugin,


Master plugin = AudioOutput1+2.for each Tab.


B) method keeps all plugins in the same Tab in VEP server "outside PT," I/O channels must be manually selected.

A) Method has multiple tabs in VEP Server, very Nice, because each tab remembers plugins position.


i like VEP master in the Protools Master channel,

VEP Manual recommends to insert the master plugin in a Instrument Track. "weird"


Activate monitor [I]nput or [R] in each Audio Track.

insert a Master VSL VEP Plugin in the Master stereo channel or

in a Instrument Track "works with surround tracks in PT HD".

assign audio input for each Protools Audio Track to the VEP instrument audio outputs.


and forget about AAX. LOL. Jajajajajaja

everything works 99% flawless.


i only wish VEP 32-Bit server could load RTAS.

and Focusrite/AVID D2 & D3, & other AAX Only plugins were available also for VST.


in Windows ProTools CPU Affinity can be forced to be less, and more for VEP.

The Lock Icon means if close PT session, VEP will keep plugins open in the mixer.


Disadvantages: Needs Big Buffer Size to work flawless 512 1024. " 0 audio glitches/artifacts",

Adv: using other PCs need dedicated FullDuplex 1Gbps LAN. No soundcards.


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