RAM audio caching

With the advent of 64-bit OSs, and assuming there would be a 64-bit build available, PT could potentially be able to create a RAM map of the computer, and hold in RAM audio files. This would help when the discs are being overloaded due to high amounts of edited audio being streamed. If some of the clips used were held in RAM, PT would be able to play higher amounts of tracks without stressing the drives as much. There would need to be a preference marker for each audio file being used to determine if this file was being read from disc, or RAM. The user would have full control of which files were streamed from disc, and which were read from memory. A RAM map would be necessary for the user to know not only how much memory the system still had free, but also what was the size of available memory chunks (since memory fragmentation can be an issue here).


Idea No. 252