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Record Enable and Input Through stereo channels separately

I would like to be able to "Record Enable" the left and right channels separately. Maybe with a right click on the record enable button or some other modifier key combination to get to a drop down with a list of separate channel choices or all channels.


Then you could record the left side first, then record another take on the right side of a stereo track. Otherwise you have to track to two mono tracks, output the two mono tracks to a Bus, then to a stereo Aux track, and that all seems less efficient with the extra latency of more routing. It's not a problem using single multi-mono plugins on a stereo track instead of multiple instances of plugins on the separate mono tracks. It amounts to the same thing in the end once you set your plugin to un-link the left and right sides.


Existing pan knobs currently let you send left and right channels to anywhere in the stereo field so you wouldn't loose anything by recording to separate stereo channels on separate passes.



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