Reduce pricing of multiple Avid/Pro Tools systems

I believe if Avid would do something, like reduce cost of software upgrades or extra purchases of Pro Tools software if the owner has multiple Pro Tools system, this would save cost of studios, plus make Avid software more attractive.


For instance, If I had a studio with four Pro Tools systems, I can buy one for the regular price of $500, but each additional license would be about $250, or something to that extent. Then they will get a "master" license and three sub, or site, license that I can put on the iLok.


It would also be useful if it was bundled with Avid Media Composer. So If I wanted a Pro Tools and a Media Composer license, It would be about $2000 for both.


Obviously, the registered owner of the software will have to make an Avid account, and register all software in order to get the discounted prices.


Idea No. 2603