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Remotely control preamp gain on Pro Tools Control

A very great feature would be to have the possibility to set the Avid PRE preamp gain directly from the Pro Tools Control.

When you are using Avid Pre you can set up the gain directly in the mixer window. It's work with other products like Millenia, RME, etc...

It's very helpful for musician who are recording alone like drummer by instance. You don't need to go back in front of your mixer window to change the gain value and you can do your soundcheck directly on you drums seat with your iPad.

Same thing for musician / producer who needs to play and record with the other musicians in the same room. It's very unproductive to stop a recording session to go back the Pro Tools station only yo setup a preamp gain.

With this kind of feature it's become easier to stay focus on the music !


Idea No. 652