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Resize Clip Rename Window bug

Since its inception of being able to resize the Clip Rename window, this bug has been a huge issue for me. The problem with the old rename window was that it was one line so if you had a clip name that went longer than the window, it would scroll the text. Being able to resize the window was a pretty great fix for that.


Here's the problem... If you resize the window and type a clip name that requires the text to "wrap" down to a second line, once you close the window and reopen it, the text does not wrap until you again resize the window. I use clip groups for cueing ADR and it is not unusual for the lines to run long enough to require "wrapping" to a second or third line. Being able to resize the window is really only good for one thing, and that one thing does not work properly.


Its happened consistently on every single version of pro tools released since the feature was introduced.


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