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Save Multiple Configurations (User Profiles) in EuControl and Switch Between Them Implemented

EuControl just sees one configuration. When you open a program like Pro Tools or Nuendo, EuControl just sees this software and any adjustment you do to the configuration gets saved under the application's name. Nuendo is then Nuendo.xml or something.


But what if I have 2 different types of work and I'd like to adjust my layout for Nuendo? Or there are 2 users using Nuendo on this machine and each of them would like to have a separate configuration of SoftKeys?


It would be nice if EuControl would handle applications like Word Documents, just save them as and give them a unique name. Configurations become separate files. Open a configuration file for a specific application, load another one, save one under your name, save a second configuration under another person's name. This would help playing around, experimenting with layouts without the fear of destroying an important configuration in the studio.


Idea No. 153