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Working with video projects or productions with multiple versions, it's always bugging me how I have to create X amount of new sessions and re-import everything, including a plethora of audio tracks, fades, plugin settings etc. all of which will be duplicated on my local drive. Wouldn't it be more simple if Pro Tools allowed us to create "Sequences" the way video editors do?

The way I see it, we could open a "new sequence tab", make a mix and then use this sequence from the library like an audio file on a different (or main) sequence. There, the sequence could be cut, spliced, duplicated, etc. and if there are changes on that sequence, these changes are reflected everywhere it is being used.

For example, when I make a mix for a video, I can make a trailer version by simply cutting the main sequence in a new tab. Or I could mix a song for a commercial spot and make alternate versions with the song in the background and a voice over track above. Or even better, I can handle the timing on a particularly complicated video animation separately, without bringing chaos to my main mix.

At the moment, if I want to maintain a single session file for a multi version project, I have to space them out on my timeline and the Shuffle mode becomes completely useless (you can't use shuffle on a version ahead in the timeline because it will damage the timing on the other versions further down).

Avid has already done half the road there with VCA Masters (thank god for that!) so it shouldn't be such a long shot, right?

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