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Show/Hide Option for Plugin menus.

Half of my plug-ins have expired, however they still appear in the Audiosuite and Insert menus. With the recent craze of Pro Tools 12 and the whole "rent-a-plugin", Pro Tools is no longer asking nor moving the plug-ins without a valid licence to the unused folder. (I can understand and assume why of this behaviour because of the rent feature), but a) I don't want to see the expired plugins still showing as It is really annoying to constantly instantiate a plug-in that no longer works and b) I don't want to manually move them to the un-used folder as I might be renting them in the foreseeable future. (I am not being lazy, I can and already have moved them manually one by one)


Can you Implement a simple Checkbox setting that Hides the un-licensed plug-ins? (it can be in the Display tab of the settings window)

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