Pro Tools bugs

Signal Generator Plugin Presets Broken in Multi-Mono Mode

I tried this on multiple systems spanning multiple versions of Pro Tools. I don't know if it has ever worked properly. If I make a present of tones with all the channels unlinked, changing the preset doesn't recall all the settings for all the channels, only the currently selected channel.


For example if I have a multi-mono signal generator on a 5.1 track. I unlink the channels and change the level of the tone so each channel is set to a different level. I save the preset. Let's say I left the channel drop-down menu to the C (center) channel. If I recall the preset, only the center channel's level will change. All other channels will continue at their currently level. The ability to have multiple presents and it recall ALL the channels' level as when the preset, must be fixed/added.


Idea No. 405