Pro Tools bugs

Smart tool and Selector tool selection bug?

I'm clicking in the top half of a region with the Smart Tool (so the i beam appears) to place the cursor. Sometimes when I'm doing this everything in the Edit window gets selected. It's like I've hit select all. If I switch to the Selector tool it still happens.


Then, wherever I click in the session with the Selector tool or upper half of a playlist with the Smart Tool, everything remains selected rather than simply placing the cursor. If I change to the Grabber tool then just the region I click on gets selected. If I then click the same region again with the Selector tool the whole Edit window gets selected again.


This seems to happen more when zoomed into a small number bars. I'm in the habit of sometimes pressing and holding command before clicking with the Smart tool to override the grid and I'm not sure if this triggers the weirdness or at least makes it happen more often. Command clicking to override the grid does usually work though.


Is this just me doing something stupid? Anyone else gets this?


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