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Snapshot Automation with auto glide or match

capture and punch are great! so are 48 snapshots on ICON and EuCon. However, the 90 degree angle created can cause clicks, and forces the mixer into the editor seat to move about keyframes (formerly known as breakpoints) i suggest a similar use of automatch or autoglide time to allow a smooth transition between snapshots in realtime playback. (glide to current is too slow at times) Allow a ramp up or down from one snapshot to another. while you are at it, a few more things about snapshots: 1) you should implement a macro so that unless the mixer is storing a new snapshot, calling a snapshot would punch it immediately. add a toggle in the automation window to control the would be glide functions. the current workflow of {call snapshot, punch capture} is cumbersome and borders on juggling. 2) if possible, expand this punch&glide to snapshot and allow to punch the 7 types of automation independently. i.e. punch the EQ automation of snapshot #3, but leave the volume where it's at. could work well in conjuncture with preview. in general the autoglide functions are underused.


Idea No. 2605