Eleven Rack features

Support Roland FC300

Support the Roland FC300 MIDI foot controller. This provides a variety of ways to send PC and CC messages in response to foot switches, has an LCD display that can be used to show patch names and tuning info, and has two expression pedals with toe switches.


Eleven Rack support for the FC300 would involve three separate tasks, any of which should be implementable independently of the others:


1. Provide an alternate CC mapping which doesn't use any CC #s greater than 95. A dozen of the 11R parameters have CC #s 96 and higher. It turns out that most of those dozen parameters could be dealt with in a different manner, but it would be nice to be able to do straightforward programming with th FC300. In case it's not obvious, the alternate CC mapping would be selected globally via a utility page; the selection might be "MIDI Controller: FC300 / Other". Of course, other controllers could be added to the list with expanded support for the next two functions:


2) Send sysex messages to the FC300 in tuner mode. These messages are documented in the FC300 manual.


3) Send sysex messages to the FC300 to display the patch name from the 11R. These messages are documented in the FC300 manual.


Idea No. 1229