Artist Series features

Swap Solo/On buttons of Artist Mix via EuControl preference

For all users of Artist Mix consoles - I know Euphonics came from broadcast market, where ON is commonly used instead of MUTE, but Pro Tools is rather post-production tool than broadcast. And we rather use MUTE than ON 😀

I thought it would be great if functions of Solo and On buttons can be swapped by preference setting of EuControl (because I suspect LED colors are not controllable in such small consoles). I really can accustom that descriptions on buttons are not in place, but I always have to find where is my Mute on these consoles and why it is lit when my Mute is not lit on track...

In this way Red button can be for MUTE function, and Green button for SOLO... Some simple stickers for buttons can also resolve problem of descriptions...

I also know that this is EuControl app that is responsible for turning all these LEDs and reading buttons from Mix - so that is only change in EuControl...



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