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Windows 10 MBOX 3 Drivers??

For the love of god, we need new drivers for the firewire audio device MBOX 3, it no longer works with PRO TOOLS on Windows 10. It was working when I upgraded from 8 to 10, but since making a clean install it no longer works. When you bring up the mixer panel and move sliders they are very jumpy, eventually it is a BSOD. I have cleaned drivers, reinstalled, changed out the firwire PCIE card. MBOX 3 no longer is compatible with Windows 10 and that is an expensive piece of hardware that never let me down...


UPDATE 13/01/2017: Further investigation has led me to believe this is an IRQ problem across several X99 motherbaords, it is now fixed by installing the Firewire card into the 16 PCIE SLOT (same as your graphics card) and do not use the legacy driver.


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