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Write-to-Current in Stop, but take the End Value for the Selection until Start

During stop, after automation has been written or when editing automation, it is possible with Write-to-Current and a selection made, to assign the value at the start of the selection to be written over the whole selection.

I often find myself wishing to write the value at the end of the selection to be written to the whole selection.

The shortcut could be (Win) : Ctrl + Start + / (numpad).

(Yes, during an automation pass, one can select "Write-to-Start-of-Selection", but this works only if a selection was made before playback and does not work during stop and already written automation.)

(Yes, one can copy the automation at the end and Repeat-to-fill it to the whole selection. This also requires Thin-Automation and more work.)

Opertaing System(s) n/a

Idea No. 170