Pro Tools features

XFORM - multithreading

Guys - it's 2018 -


XForming tracks in a post environment should be utilizing multi-core CPUS... all available.


Meanwhile, I'm sitting here waiting over 25 minutes for XFORM to complete a pitch shift on a 1 x 5.1 stem and 5 stereo folds that are 5 minutes long and it's not even halfway complete. Protools HDX is using 146% CPU. So a core and a half during this audio suit process.


System CPU usage is sitting at TWO percent. 98% idle. This is INSANE and an efficient workflow killer.


Please optimize X form for multiple cores. I brought this up years ago. Common!


OR.. make a standalone audiosuite batch converter that doesn't tie up the DAW.. that can just run in the background. Anything but this antiquated hell.


Idea No. 1111