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avidFRIENDS - Session Sharing Implemented

:Working on the same session with someone at the same time:

This would allow Pro tools the option to have


1. Screen Sharing Session - To allow pro tools users to send request and except session sharing simultaneously working on the same project & create a pro tools friend Login for easy friend online access.Real time session sharing with the option of both users to session save to there hard drive


2. Video sharing - To Allow the users to video chat during a recording session.


Protools Missing Concepts:Digidesign software would allow you to combine these tools & would set the next standard in music prduction softwares. Pro tools is one of the most used music software in all corners of music, Majors & Home Studio users.I already feel behind because I do not have these options so if Digidesign makes these features to the new Pro tools would set the standard in the world wide recording market. From Robert Sherrod Mitchell & Name Change Credit To - elvenminstel


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