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"don't search clip-list" option in field recorder workflow

Title says it all. Currently, PT11 (and every version before) expands alts using media already in the session even if you set a specific folder in the "areas ton search" options. Result is an out-of-control conform.

We need to have AVID use ONLY the "areas to search" and and ignore whatever is already in the session from an AAF as an option. Otherwise it will expand the missing channels linking to AVID media and not the poly BWAVs.

Another option would be something like "ignore AVID MC media" but I think the first option is much simpler to implement.

(see also DUC thread).


Please make this happen soon as we need to do all sorts of crazy work-arounds on every conform and some of them are quite labour-intense.


Idea No. 3454