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smarter delay compensation for external VIs

I have 6 external computers playing virtual instruments and each computer has a slightly different inherent delay. Just getting everything to lock in sync with my ProTools session is a challenge and there is a lot of room for improvement in this area. For example:


1. I have a determined a "30 ms" advance on each MIDI track coming from computer A will sound in lockstep with my ProTools session bars and click. Great. So I can set this real-time advance on each of my MIDI tracks in my ProTools session. Except I have 80 tracks to make this setting, so this is a 20 minute carpol tunnel producing process. Why can't I group these tracks and set the "advance" once? This would be a huge improvement in itself.


2. Now my music (when hard quantized to the beat) sounds in sync. But when I record myself playing with along with the music, my notes appear 30 ms early with my barlines, so after each take, they must be shifted forward 30 ms to get them back in sync. Tedious. Repetitive. I have to do this every little segment I record -- but it's far worse --


3. my new recorded material is AUTO-MERGED with the previous region by ProTools, and my previous region has already been shifted into sync, but my new material is 30 ms early. So now I must CUT the region first before shifting the new material forward. Now multiply this procedure by 300 million times a day, and you begin to understand my frustration with working with Protools and its inability to adapt to my workflow, which involves multiple external VIs.


3. Now what about the click track? Because there are different delays to compensate for with my external VIs, there is a great need to DELAY THE CLICK as well. If my click sounds late, I can play late and everything will be in sync when I'm done. Imagine that! I can do this now by inserting a delay plugin on the "click" track, but how about making the delay automated, based on the advance or dly setting on the particular track I'm recording on? This track shows an "advance" setting of 30ms, so a 30 ms advance could be imposed onto the click I hear - automatically, so music lines up with the barlines when I play it in. What a time saving improvement this would be for me.


This is a huge area of improvement in ProTools and I just wanted to voice my frustration. No one seems to give a @(#$) about this stuff, but it's really the biggest issue I face everyday with creating music in ProTools.


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