Pro Tools features

ADR Workflows

Pro Tools is great for recording ADR, but somehow it's lacking in features to aid the speed and accuracy of such tasks.


I'd like to see more integration between markers and adr cue sheets, streamers and beeps.




New type of track in PT, called ADR Track. Like a click track. You drop special marker here, it places beeps before spot and also logs timecode into an XML type file which brings up drop down list of track names, this is where you'd select actors name. Then you can fill in line and info for it.


This xml file can be saved as excel or text file or brought into a database.


That same track when activated not only contains beeps automatically from marker drops, but at the click of a button, will also activate streamers on the desired video window.


Beyond this, it would be great to see a playlist created for the recorded track, without cycle record on. then some color options for quickly marking the chosen takes from director.


I do adr often and think there are many ways pro tools could enhance and speed up this process.


Idea No. 3386