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Frequency-Based Coloring of the Waveform Display

A colored waveform display is a visually-attractive,

computer-generated representation of audio. It

facilitates audio editing by making sounds more visible.

By coloring waveform displays to convey frequency

information, an audio-editing system comes closer to

the goal of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You


Similar sounds are represented by similar colors, and changes in sound are

indicated by changes in color. The display is computed

efficiently and can be created in real time, as sound is

recorded. This implementation is used by the

FindSounds search engine [2] (

and the FindSounds Palette program for audio editing

and retrieval [3] (

It is also available in the free Comparisonics Audio

Player (

Once you've used this you'll feel blind when not using it. It's so easy to find low frequencies, like pops, puffs, you can easily recognize audio just by looking at the waveform, you dont even have to jump around with the playhead, you can actually SEE what you want to hear. Please avid. Trust me. This is your next big step :)


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