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Improve Automation Lane

Improve Automation Lane


It should be made easier to show a Automation Lane on every Track, showing a Send Level (A, B, C,…)

(Automation Lane ≠ Track Lane [Track Lane is showing the Waveform for easy access for clip gain in this example])

(While in the Arrangement Window)

You can Show an Automation Lanes for all Tracks with alt Clicking the small triangle in the Color-Bar of a Track.

You can also switch the shown automation (Default: Volume) for all Tracks with alt Clicking the Dropdown Menu and Choosing a Track Parameter (Pan).

But it is not possible to show the Level for Example Send A for all tracks with alt Clicking it in the Drop Down Menu.

This should be made possible for Example to see the Level Automation of a Send feeding into a Reverb for all Tracks while showing the Waveform in the Tracklane at the same time.


Idea No. 3559